It’s not me… it’s YOU!

Yes… that is exactly what I meant. I was always so confident and never doubted myself. Then I got sick and doubt started to creep in. Instead of supporting me, I was made to feel small and incapable. I got through it because I was stronger than I knew. Now… I am stronger than ever and my confidence is back. I learned that the things I was led to believe were my deficiencies actually were not mine. I will not allow myself to ever be made to feel small again. I AM most certainly ENOUGH! I will not chase… I will not wait… I will not doubt… I will not change! I will love me… I will grow… I will be strong… I will do what is right for ME. Most of all I will surround myself with positive, supportive, loving energy ONLY. So, if through words, actions, or lack of either/both you make me feel insignificant or small, I am strong enough now to know that it is not me… it’s YOU💪💪

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