No excuses

I have had “friends” “fam” “soul mates” (or at least they call themselves that), who were/are full of excuses.

Growing up a military brat, my Daddy never accepted excuses so it stands to reason that I have the same mentality.

I am a giver, so people take. I get that it’s my fault up to a certain point. I give my attention, my time, my affection, my compliments, my love etc. BUT… when I’m done I’m done. In the past couple of years so many have shown me their truth and it has caused me to be done. I am not apologetic for living my truth at all!!!!

“They” all say they like you, want you, want to be around you, but don’t trust their words… trust their actions. Know that you are worth more than that. Those who really care about you make “IT”, whatever it is, happen!! Periodt!!!! 🤣😂 Old friends, new friends, fam, etc. Do what you say you will do, be who you say you are, and above all else… show up! If not, then don’t be so surprised when I choose ME first🥰

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