Smile – Positive Energy

I get a lot of compliments on my smile… 🥰😁 Well, if displaying your best assets is a thing, then I NEED to keep a smile on my face. Well, I make me smile, but sometimes others around me keep me from smiling… no es bueno🤪😝

Positive energy only… go be negative Nancy somewhere else please. Consistency is key too. For every person who fits you in, there are 10 who will fall over themselves to make time for you.

It’s not about girls, guys, spouses, significant others, etc. It’s about people!! It’s simple… I totally SUCK at reaching out to people first, BUT I am great at responding back unless I am too busy or legit miss it. My energy is high and I like it there. Match or exceed my energy, because anything less is lacking.

Yeah… COVID-19 was an eye opener for me on how many people TOTES take advantage of me and take me for granted. I am who I am… love me as I am or don’t, BUT I have def learned that I am pretty F’ing AMAZING and I don’t have to take care of everyone else… I have to take care of ME!

So… 1 thing that I NEED is to keep this SMILE🥰😁 No anger, no worry, no crying, no nervousness, no pressure just happy… #positiveenergy #positivevibes ONLY!!!! Be it OR Beat it😂🤣

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