YES (Wo)Man – Would you pass your own sniff test?

This is not gender specific, but it is MY journey afterall… I heard once that we judge others by their actions, but judge ourselves by our intentions… that resonated with me. I’m not entirely sure of everything I look for in a man, but there are a couple of non-negotiable characteristics… confidence and honesty. There are probably more, but let’s go with those for now. Do I have those qualities?! Yes, but… right I know the but negates the yes… hence why I am discussing it.

Can I truly be confident and honest as a YES woman? Lacking confidence to be truer to myself than being a pleaser for others might be a loophole. I thought about that and decided to make a change… true to me FIRST!!!! Well, I have been challenged almost daily. Saying no is very difficult for me, so while I despise these challenges recently… I am also grateful as they are forcing me to practice this habit that I intend on keeping.

It seems that others put what they want from me above what I want FOR me?!?! Interesting right? Great sales tactic… and boy have I been sold😂🤣 I actually feel guilty saying no to something I don’t want for me just because they really want it from me… wait what?!

Ok… it’s not big things typically… just little asks here and there, but some are bigger too😮 My glass has been shattered and it’s making it easier (not easy) for me to say no. I still have a long way to go as I have only begun to exercise these muscles recently, but before I know it I’ll be saying no at the level that I am doing squats today. Baby steps, but I will not stop until I can pass MY OWN sniff test‼️‼️

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