How do you relieve stress?

So… there are so many ways that I do… writing, dancing, washing dishes, watching a movie, and some other ways I won’t share here 🤪 Anyway, one I didn’t mention is a drink. You know… mixed drink, a beer, wine, etc. I am in program and am not supposed to drink unless it’s an indulgence. So, I do my very best to stick to it. We all have missteps in program, but if I’m gonna have one, I want to make darn sure I am consciously choosing it. So, no random misses. Today was a SUPER stressful work day despite doing my morning workout (usually that helps to avert the stress preemptively). I kept thinking that I could really use a drink to calm all the way down. However, I still had my Kenzai workout to do. So… I was really looking forward to it in hopes that it would make me feel better. With the combo of the workout and music… I was giggling doing wacky moves and enjoying the workout and feel so much better!!!! No drink for me… phew… Itty bitty crisis averted🤣😂

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