Health… what does it mean to you?

I mentioned being obsessed with health… but what is health?! So, of course there are many real world definitions, but just free flowing thoughts… for me it’s whatever keeps me going strong💪💪 Yes, food, exercise, rest of course, but I include the mental and the soul beyond the typical. I mean removing negativity, adding positive, trying new things, self love, having fun, little wins, reasons to laugh… EVERY little thing that puts a smile on my face, a warmth in my heart, a metaphorical pat on my back no matter how small. In a weird way, my inability to rely on others consistently has taught me to find ways to be SUPER HAPPY with little Itty bitty things I do for me. So yaaaaaaaas I toot my own horn… as many times as I need to until I am smiling for me. People ask if I have bad days… OMG!!!! Helloooo… ¡SI! I was having a rough day today in fact, but 2 special people randomly reached out to me and put a smile on my face to Kickstart my self love routine. I was so proud of my meatless breakfast, so I decided to keep it up… Could I drink all of my ounces today? Could I max out my workout? Yes, I could and did! Big wins… no… little Itty bitty wins that made it a great day🥰😁

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