Girlie Feelings… Ugh😝

Read at your own risk🤣😂 Girlie feelings are the ABSOLUTE worst‼️ Especially for a girrl with dude brain like me. AND… my dang monthly visitor is in town AND… OMG… let’s just say that I m on my own nerves🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Yes… I am #LatinaLoca! Yes… I talk to myself! Yes… I tell myself about myself when I’m being a little B! Needless to say I have had to tell me about myself a lot over the past week.

I am SO random too. Like one minute I’m watching B-Ball at the bar with the boys 😉 like right now😆😆 Then randomly I have STOOPID girlie feelings wash over me. What the what?! Why in the WORLD does that happen? It’s horrible.

It’s ok… I’m over it now… quick self talk, self love, and a sip of beer and Voila… back to dude brain 🥰😁 Thought I would share tho… Give me something to go back and read the next time it happens… T minus… 🤪😝

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