She’s Worth It‼️‼️

I am SHE‼️‼️ I need a daily reminder tho🥰😍 I was talking with a really really good friend today… those are hard to come by for sure. AND I broke ALL the way down. She was so right. I am a SUPER extrovert and COVID-19 took me all the way out of my comfort zone with all of the isolation. I don’t even know how to act, be, feel. As much as I put so much focus on me and my happiness, I have to make it happen EVERY single day. I do it… I pray that I always CAN do it🙏❤ My morning Motivation, morning quotes, morning starter workout (or full workout depending on the day) are ALL part of my daily reminder to me that I am F*@&ing AWESOME 😁 That is really heavy lifting on a daily basis let me tell you💪💪 Sometimes I wake up wanting someone else to do the heavy lifting for me, but it’s always up to me. I know it always will be. I don’t know if anyone out there uses my posts/blogs to do the heavy lifting for them, but I really hope it helps. I am who I am and love who I am, but some mornings I wake up and just want someone to tell me everything I need to hear so I can take a break😩😫 Does anyone else ever feel that way?! Every now and then I wake up to a really great good morning, beautiful kinda text that kicks me off right. Not saying never, but generally speaking it’s me‼️

I have a new theme song that I’ve used for the past month or so… Keri H Pretty Girl Rock… Something about the self confidence required to sing it, feel it, be it really Kickstarts my day, makes my workout better, and makes me feel beautiful and strong💪💪💪💪

Writing this out really helped😊

If you read this through to the end… thank you for caring❤❤🤗🤗

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