Stay Strong 🤗🤗

People may not understand fully tho they try. When someone goes through tough things in life, coming out of them is not the end. There is a constant struggle to not regress, to open up, to trust, to believe that you have it in you to make leaps of faith and not expect the worst.

I am extremely cautious and protective of my heart because I fear. No specific fear… just fear. I already have dude brain, so feelings are yucky. I don’t want them, and it’s painful when I have them. No fear of loving… it’s actually fear of wanting. Any time that my walls come down just a touch, it seems people make their way in and push me back. Every time No matter how small, it takes even more effort on my part to let the walls come down even a little. So I tell myself to Stay Strong💪💪 I do worry sometimes, that the consistent little cracks people keep putting in my walls will keep me from EVER letting them down. I am just tired… fam, friends, etc… they just don’t care enough to stop cracking my walls… I am so grateful for the love of self I have found, because when I have these moments of weakness it is only within me that I can and will find the strength to get through another moment of disappointment and make it a great day🥰😍❤❤

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